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Sunday, February 26, 2006

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Child Author
At age seven Adora Svitak can type 70 words a minute. Her stories and essays are creative, funny, and well-informed. In the last year alone she has written over 330,000 words. How is this possible? Although Adora obviously has immense natural talent, this talent has been fostered by encouragement, love, technology, and a series of exercises designed to encourage and inspire, while simultaneously guiding a child towards a better grasp of syntax, vocabulary, descriptive writing, and plot. Although Adora was initially only interested in historical fiction, once her passion for writing was ignited, her interests have broadened to include other genres of fiction, journalism, and academic writing. Her grasp of grammar, structure and syntax would be considered advanced in most high school classrooms, and her complex and intriguing plots lead readers to wonder what else Adora has up her sleeve.


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